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PostPosted: May 10th, 2009, 3:03 pm 
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Nordreich Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge
Nordreich Federal Office for Immigration and Refugees
Welcome to the Nordreich! Before filing immigration papers, please read through the Nordlandic Migration Laws to ensure that you, and your nation, meet the basic requirements for Nordland membership. After reading the NML, please follow the directions below to properly file an Immigration Form.
All immigration requests should be filed according to this basic protocol:
  1. Please copy the green text in the code box below.
  2. Start a new topic in the "Immigration and Customs" section of the forums.
  3. Use this format for the subject of your new thread: "Application: (Ruler Name), Three letter designation of Month-DD-YR". Ex.: "Application: Magnus Nordir, Jan-09-16"
  4. Paste the application format that you copied and fill it out to the best of your abilities. Again, make sure you read through the Nordlandic Migration Laws to avoid complications.
  5. Post the thread.
[b]Ruler Name[/b]:
[b]Nation Name[/b]:
[b]Nation Link[/b]: 
[b]Current Team Color[/b]:
[b]Nation Resources:[/b]:
[b]Nation Strength[/b]:
[b]If your nation has wonders, please list[/b]:
[b]In Compliance with [url=][i]Immigration Laws[/i][/url][/b]: (Y/N)
[b]Former Alliance(s)[/b]:
[b]Position(s) held in previous alliance(s), including minor position(s), i.e., Deputy, Assistant, Ministry/Department Staff[/b]:
[b]Have you officially resigned from your previous alliance:[/b] (Y/N)
[b]Reasons for leaving your former Alliance(s)[/b]:
[b]Do you play any other nation simulators, e.g. NationStates, Politics and War[/b]:
[b]If so, what region/alliance/guild are you in? What is your position there?[/b]:
[b]Are you involved in any wars:[/b]
[b]Who Recruited You:[/b]
[b]Reasons for requesting Nordreich Citizenship[/b]:
[b]We require all nations under 3500 infra to sell tech, is this a problem for you:[/b]
[b]I, (ruler name), agree that if I give false information on this application my nation is subject to whatever action deemed appropriate by the Nordreich government.[/b]
Once you have submitted your application, change your In-Game Alliance Affiliation to "Nordreich". To do this, follow these easy steps:
  1. In the game, click "Edit My Nation" on the left side menu panel.
  2. Find "Alliance Affiliation" and click on the drop down menu.
  3. Click "Specify Other"
  4. Type in "Nordreich"
  5. Select our Alliance and follow the on-screen instructions to join the Alliance Affiliation.
Once your application has been submitted and accepted by the Reich Admissions staff, you will be masked as a "Nordreich Applicant" and your application will be moved to another forum where the Reich Admissions staff will begin the application process.

All new nations will be required to complete the Nordland University Academy (Reichsakademie) to become a full member of Nordreich. All new nations accepted into Nordreich will be masked as a student until they complete the academy. Nations may be eligible to bypass the academy at the Minister of Interior's discretion.

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