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 Post subject: Spamplatz Forum Rules
PostPosted: December 6th, 2010, 10:23 pm 
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The Spamplatz is intended as an open arena of discussion for a wide variety of topics. The principle of free expression is highly regarded in Nordreich; members come from diverse backgrounds and affiliations, and hold a wide variety of viewpoints. As such, the opinions expressed by any individual forum member do not reflect the stance of Nordreich as a whole (including forum moderators and administrators, except when otherwise noted).

In order to ensure civil and meaningful discussions, a number of rules must be spelled out, just as with any other online board:
  1. Keep all discussions respectful, even on points of disagreement. No flaming or flame-baiting.
  2. In the event of a personal dispute with another member, attempt to resolve the issue in private with that person. Failing that, forum moderation may be contacted via private message for mediation or arbitration.
  3. Disparagement of any ethnic, racial, or religious group is forbidden. Such issues can be discussed without needless disrespect.
  4. Spamming, defined as repeated posts with no meaningful content, is forbidden outside the Spamplatz.
  5. Advertising a profit or service for money is forbidden without consent of the Nordreich government.
  6. Pornography is forbidden; this does not include tasteful nudity. Risqué images must be linked (not included) with a NSFW ("not-safe-for-work") notice. The exception to this is if a thread is dedicated to such content and marked as NSFW in the thread title.
  7. Images or videos depicting gruesome violence or other material of a highly disturbing nature are forbidden from being directly included in a post. If reasonable judgement holds that such should be included for a better understanding of the subject, they must be linked and a highly-visible warning included in the post.
  8. Posts may be authored in any language, although the overwhelming majority of members speak English, so an English translation must be provided somewhere within the post.
  9. While gravedigging threads is permitted and encouraged, it is forbidden to flood the Spamplatz (i.e. posting the same picture, video or text in multiple threads within a small timeframe).
Forum moderation will use discretion in determining what constitutes a breach of the forum rules, and these may be modified at any time. It is up to the individual board member to familiarize him- or herself with these rules.

Minor or first-time offenses will receive a verbal warn; more serious rules infractions may be met with an official warn, or if the violation is particularly egregious, a Spamplatz-suspension or -ban may be issued. Ambiguous cases will be reviewed by the Nordreich government in private to determine what corrective action, if any, should be taken. Account warns may be appealed via a private message to a Reichsregierung member.

If you are a member of another alliance and are here as a guest or diplomat, your alliance will always be notified of your ban on the Spamplatz and the nature of your offense.

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