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[NationStates] Nordisches Kaiserreich Migration Laws
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Author:  Administrator [ March 12th, 2018, 5:18 am ]
Post subject:  [NationStates] Nordisches Kaiserreich Migration Laws

Nordisches Kaiserreich Migration Laws
Communications Ministry, Department of Immigration

Section I: Immigration to Nordisches Kaiserreich
  1. A nation must not be engaged in regional warfare;
  2. A nation must not be condemned by the Security Council;
  3. A nation must not pose a threat to Nordisches Kaiserreich;
  4. A nation must have appropriate nation information, including an appropriate name;
  5. A nation must undergo a probationary period before voting in the Stortinget or standing for election;
  6. A nation must agree to uphold the principles embodied within the Charter;
  7. A nation must swear fealty to the Keiseren of Nordisches Kaiserreich'
  8. The appropriate application form must be supplied.

Section II: Emigration from Nordisches Kaiserreich
  1. It is forbidden for a nation to leave whilst Nordisches Kaiserreich is in a state of war;
  2. It is forbidden for a nation to leave whilst elected to the Regjering;
  3. It is forbidden for a nation to leave within the first week following the end of their term in the Regjering;
  4. The appropriate resignation form must be supplied;
  5. Departure from Nordisches Kaiserreich without conforming to the above laws will be considered desertion and dealt with appropriately.

Section III: Exemptions and Special Cases
  1. The Keiseren may admit or expel a nation at their own discretion, without regard for the migration laws;
  2. The Keiseren may impose additional requirements on any nation that applies or resigns, without regard for the migration laws;
  3. Expelled, banished or otherwise excommunicated nations may not rejoin Nordisches Kaiserreich, unless pardonned by the Keiseren.

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