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Hello, everyone. kingzog here.

And now, welcome to the FvKN!

Freiwillige von Kaiserlichen Nordreichs (FvKN)

Freiwillige von Kaiserlichen Nordreichs is the authorized foreign legion of Nordreich.
1. Membership

A. Membership in the FvKN shall be made by personal application to the Korps Kommandant, who shall remain the only permanent member of the FvKN. The Korps Kommandant shall always be a senior Nordreich member, serving at the pleasure of the Kaiser Himself. All FvKN nations shall bear the alliance affiliation 'Freiwillige von Kaiserlichen Nordreichs'.

B. With respect to membership, preference shall be given to Nordreich members, who are responsible for obtaining an official Leave of Absence (LoA) from their Commanders before switching their alliance affiliation. Nordreich members who fail to secure the necessary permission may be treated as deserters under Nordreich Law.

C. No Nordreich member may join the FvKN when Nordreich itself is at war.

D. Non-Nordreich members may join the FvKN, but shall be held personally responsible for securing permission from their current alliance if applicable. At no time does the FvKN assume responsibility or liability for the membership status of non-Nordreich nations.

E. At no time shall the FvKN maintain any permanent membership apart from the Korps Kommandant.

2. Foreign and Military Affairs

A. As a group of volunteers, the FvKN shall assume no responsibility for the conduct of foreign affairs which, except in time of global conflict, shall be the responsibility of Nordreich.

B. When the FvKN offers its support in a conflict, the FvKN shall generally follow the wartime policies of that alliance it is volunteering in support of, reserving for itself the right to withdraw from any conflict upon appropriate consultation.

C. FvKN nations shall be responsible for their own military coordination and personally accountable for their actions. Nations found to be operating outside the FvKN rules will be expelled from the AA.

D. Should the FvKN withdraw from a conflict, FvKN members shall be thanked and released from service.

E. FvKN members who surrender or otherwise flee from a conflict shall be forever barred from re-joining.

F. When the FvKN is not at war, an attack upon its Korps Kommandant and sole permanent member shall be considered a rogue attack upon its protector(s) and dealt with accordingly.

FvKN is a joint protectorate of Nordreich and Doom Kingdom. We have signed an 'existential MDoAP' with Red Raiding Safari and an 'Agreement to Agree on Agreeable Things'TM with War Jesus.

Have a lovely day.

FvKN Korps Kommandant
Reichsgraf von Nordreich
Red Senator Emeritus
Defender of All That is Pure and Chaste

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