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PostPosted: November 15th, 2017, 9:46 pm 
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The Dellingr Accords

In light of the creation of the United Alliance Council, Nordreich seeks to further the development of the UAC, and hereby offers unilateral Protection to ensure this facilitation of growth and camaraderie. As this is a new dawn for the UAC, these Accords shall henceforth be referred to as the "Dellingr Accords", in reference to the mighty God of the Dawn. May this Protection offered by the mighty Reich lead to peace, harmony, and true growth for all involved.

Article I - Sovereignty

The United Alliance Council is an independent alliance, and Nordreich fully recognizes the sovereignty of the UAC. Any announcement posted by the UAC does not, in any way, originate from Nordreich; unless otherwise specified. Nordreich seeks to ensure the sovereignty of the UAC is not hindered in any way, and will not dictate economic or governmental terms to the UAC. The only conditions Nordreich requests of the UAC that may legally bypass Sovereignty are those of military origin, which are issued for the purpose of maintaining military Protection without having to violate the International interests of Nordreich.

Article II - Protection

The UAC is an Alliance of free nations. It is the right of every UAC nation to defend itself, or another member, if they are attacked through no fault of their own. Nordreich shall defend the members of the UAC against military and/or spy attacks that are not the result of a previous instigation by a UAC nation on any other nation or Alliance. The UAC is not required to assist Nordreich if the latter is in a state of conflict. Though any assistance would always be appreciated, it is never to be required under this Agreement. With this protection it is hoped that the nations of the UAC will grow and prosper, free from harm.

Article III - Non-Aggression

Nations of the UAC are to consult the Reichsmarschall of Nordreich for approval of any aggressive wars. If there has been no formal declaration of support signed by the Reichsmarschall of Nordreich, or an otherwise authorized Nordreich Governmental Official, any collective or individual wars from members of the UAC are unauthorized engagements and may lead to the revocation of the Protectorate Agreement.

Article IV - Handling of Classified Intelligence

If, at any time, a member of the UAC comes into possession of intelligence that is important to the safety of the UAC, Nordreich, or both; they are to immediately forward the intelligence to Nordreich's Government. Additionally, the members of the UAC and Nordreich agree to not commit espionage against one other.

Article V - Colour Cooperation

To assist the UAC in becoming a stable, growing alliance, it is in the interest of the UAC to place their nations upon the same team colour as Nordreich. The UAC will also vote for the senators proposed by Nordreich, to ensure that both alliances have a strong voice on the team senate.

Article VI - Cancellation and Upgrading

Nordreich retains the right to cancel this Protective Agreement if the aforementioned conditions are not met. The UAC also retains the right to cancel this Protective Agreement if they believe it is no longer necessary. Both Alliances must give each other at least 72 hours notice prior to the formal cancellation of the Protective Agreement.

Should the UAC grow to such a size that a protection agreement is no longer required, every endeavour shall be made to replace it with a mutually beneficial defensive pact.

Signed for Nordreich:
Oro Ibah Aozpi - Reichskaiser von Nordreich
Latexi - Kronprinz von Nordreich
Kristjan Laidoner - Reichsmarschall
Johan Pitka - Stabsoffizier, Bastard-at-Arms
Kaiser Hanssen - Reichskanzlerin, Reichsminister of Foreign Affairs
EightiesMercedes - Reichsminister of the Interior

Signed for the United Alliance Council:
Escanor - President
Hijaxx - Director of Foreign Affairs

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