Nordreich has an extensive library with guides to make those decisions which are best for your nation, both economically and militarily.

The undefeated Wehrmacht of Nordreich is admired and feared. You too will have the opportunity to become part of the best military machine on Planet Bob. Fight wars, destroy nations and receive your medals and ribbons afterwards to show off to the world.

Nordreich is not just an alliance, it is a community of members with different backgrounds from all over the world. Go crazy in the Spamplatz or have a friendly discussion in our Alehouse.

Nordreich is also a meritocracy. Make proposals in the Volksrepublik, sign up as a diplomat at the Reichsministry of Foreign Affairs, make a recruitment poster at our propaganda department... and get noticed. Earn a government job or become the commander of your own military division. What you put into the Reich, you will get back out of the Reich.

Nordreich offers something exceptional. Our aesthetics embody our identity: a community of hardened warriors, of clarified will, of sharpened intellect. Whereas others define themselves through theme or politicking, the legacy of Nordreich resides in its ineffable bravery, perpetual loyalty and hearty camaraderie.

If you desire to transcend individual protection and enter into an undying brother-and-sisterhood, then approach the righteous gates of the Northern Empire, and place your destiny at her will.

Heia Nordland!
Odin save the Kaiser!

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