A message from the North

I've noticed you haven't chosen an alliance yet. I am sure many other alliances have sent you mass recruitment messages, varying little among them and offering the same vague and mundane promises. Though they illustrate themselves differently through their various themes, these superficial variations are nothing but a hollow shell: they are as identical houses painted different colours.

I offer you an alternative.


Nordreich offers you something that no other alliance can. There is no ambiguity in our Northern identity or in our vast success. Are you looking to build your nation to its full potential? Here are some of the things we have to offer at Nordreich.

We look after our own and thus we will always have your back, be it diplomatically or militarily. Protecting our members isn't our task; it is our nature.

We have a variety of aid programmes to get your nations to grow and prosper. We also aim to get your nation developing nuclear armaments as soon as possible.

In Nordreich, helping old and young nations grow is always a goal. Therefore, we always organize tech deals, which give elder nations affordable technology and younger nations many millions to quickly grow and develop. All benefit immensely from this plan.

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